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Montreal Lotion Recalled Because It Contains A Drug That's Dangerous For Pregnant Women

They weren't even evaluated for safety!
Montreal Lotion Recalled Because It Contains A Drug That's Dangerous For Pregnant Women

In recent weeks Quebec hasn't been doing so well in terms of consumable recalls. It started with your childhood favourite, Goldfish crackers, recalled for possibly containing salmonella.

Then a well known microbrewery in the province that was accidentally putting alcohol in their non-alcoholic beers. Since then, people haven't been all that trustworthy with companies. As if that wasn't enough, there's one more thing Quebecers can begin to be fearful of.

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Health Canada has confiscated eight skin creams and lotions from a Montreal company after finding that the product contained a prescription drug. The drug found in the lotions is used to treat skin conditions, and it's ingredients could cause horrible health issues for some.

The company responsible, Ayotai Canada, specializes in making products for people of colour. To make matters worse, the lotions and creams weren't even evaluated for safety or quality.

The prescription drug that was found in the product can cause illness, specifically in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding while using the lotion. The company was told by Environment Canada to recall all of their products already in stores, but there's no word on if that's even happened yet. 

What's even more problematic is that some people in the province may have already purchased the lotion and skin cream from the brand and already used it. If you think you have the product at home, the best thing to do is take it back to the vendor you purchased it from for a refund.

Hopefully Quebec-based companies start paying more attention to what their ingredients list contains, because the trust issues in the province right now are very much alive.


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