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Montreal Made Popsicles That Are Changing The Summer Treat Game

Pops Art turns popsicles into an art form.
Montreal Made Popsicles That Are Changing The Summer Treat Game

Photo Cred -Journal Métro 

Screw ice cream, popsicles are the ultimate summer treat. Refreshing, light, and delicious, a good popsicle will cool you down while satisfying your sweet tooth, unlike the at-times too heavy ice cream. We're not talking about those dinky dep-sicles that cost a dollar, we're talking the creative and handcrafted popsicles of Montreal's Pops Art.

Made with high quality ingredients, natural sugar, and featuring a crazy-cool (pun!) lineup of flavours, Pops Art is taking popsicles to new levels of delicious. You can find these artisnal popsicles at the Pops Art homebase in St. Henri (map), in front of the Science Centre in the Old Port (from June 15-Oct 31), and at a slew of festivals throughout the summer.

Three types of popsicles are on the Pops Art lineup of lick-ables:

  1. Classic Pops - traditional flavours like Maple Yogurt Mixed Berry & Raspberry-Lime, made with fresh fruit and yogurt.
  2. Bold Pops - crazy flavour combos like Cucumber-Mint-Lemonade & Avocado-Lime-Coriander
  3. Personalized Pops - literally whatever you want! Just place an order to make something to your tastes. Poutine pop anyone?

Prep yourself for Pops Arts popsicles and get all the info on their official website and FB page.

Will you be cooling off with a Pops Art popsicle?

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