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Montreal-Made Reusable, Returnable Coffee Cups Are Now Available At Over 200 Locations Across Quebec

In the summer of 2018, an idea became a reality. It all started at l’Éco-quartier Villeray, where a small group of intrepid café owners wanted to create a better and more recyclable re-useable cup for all Montrealers. They came up with "La Tasse". 

La Tasse first debuted in August 2018 in 12 Montreal cafés. Now, Montrealers can find La Tasse in some 200 establishments, including participating IGA grocery stores and McDonald's restaurants. 

How it works is simple: Customers can purchase La Tasse at a participating location for $5, use it as many times as they want, and return it to another participating location and get back their fiver.

It's an ingenious idea that not only gives clients a more environmentally friendly option but also allows for a network of business to collaborate. 

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TL;DR A Montreal company, La Tasse, is making re-usable cups the new standard for some 200 local Quebec businesses. It's an awesome idea that removes the need for wasteful habits like single-use plastic containers.

With their ultimate goal being to mobilize environmental responsibility for both businesses and consumers, La Tasse is so far an incredible success. A large network of organizations can now commit to providing an eco-friendly option for their clients. 

La Tasse is made from innovative materials and can easily be recycled at any processing plant. The company doesn't intend to replace disposable coffee cups or disrupt the re-usable cup industry, instead, their goal is to raise awareness to huge amounts of waste and provide a better service. 

The cups can either be used as much as possible or can be returned to a participating business to be cleaned and redistributed. This means that you'll always have the option of getting back your $5 at any time. La Tasse is dishwasher safe, can hold both hot and cold liquids, and is completely recyclable.

With a total of 11,000 cups already in distribution, La Tasse is already making huge strides in the province. As of February, people can find La Tasse in four Blainville and Terrebonne IGA stores and three McDonald's locations in the Lanaudière region. 

Participating retailers don't profit off providing La Tasse to customers, as the intention is for it to be a self-sustaining system. It's an attractive and easily recognizable brand that sets itself apart from the multitude of re-useable cup companies. 

If you're a business owner or know one who might be interested in participating with La Tasse, all you have to do is visit their website and fill out a request form. The cups can be found in many popular Montreal cafés such as Café Parvis and Café Nocturne.

So next time you're getting a coffee and you see La Tasse, make sure to grab one and support local green businesses! 

A basically free re-usable cup that's not only cute but environmentally friendly? Sign me up. 


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