Montreal Mall Santa Claus Fired For Scaring Children

Someone's going on the naughty list.
Montreal Mall Santa Claus Fired For Scaring Children

When you apply to be a mall Santa you basically need only two qualifications. 

1. The ability to sit down

2. Being patient with children

Not exactly the toughest list to adhere to. But one mall Santa seems to have had a hard time with requirement #2. 

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According to Global, A woman named Melanie Cyr took her daughter to meet Santa Claus. They were walking through the mall when they saw Santa himself walking towards them. 

Cyr's daughter walked up to Jolly Old Saint Nick to give him a hug, but Santa must've been having a bad day because he proceeded to put his hand on her head and shoved her away without a word. 

Cyr's daughter was afraid and asked her mom if she would be getting gifts this year, because Santa seemed to be mad at her. 

Luckily this mall Santa won't be terrorizing children anymore, Fairview confirmed that he was fired because he “did not live up to the expectations of our shoppers and our team.