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Montreal Man Beaten For Speaking English At Tim Hortons

Conflicting accounts make for a suspicious case.
Montreal Man Beaten For Speaking English At Tim Hortons

Looks like language tensions just became physical.

A Montreal man claims to have been beaten at a Laval Tim Hortons after speaking to his server in English, according to CTV Montreal.

Ron Yaz, the assaulted customer, placed his order in English, only to be refused service by his initial attendant, and then the manager. After causing the small scene, Yaz got into an argument with two other French speaking customers, one of whom busted out a nightstick and struck Yaz several times.

According to the Tim Horton's manager (who only mysteriosly goes by 'Peter') things happened differently. Apparently, Yaz, who knew his server didn't speak English very well, berated the young woman to tears for not responding to him in English.

Peter claims security footage revealed no attack, but relented that if it took place outside of the Tim Hortons, the security cameras would not have recorded the assault.

Yaz tried to file an official complaint, but then decided it wasn't worth it after the police questioned him with 'Well, why didn’t you talk to the girl in French? It would have stopped all this nonsense.' Not exactly sympathetic, especially if the guy got nightsticked.

Tim Horton's head office released a statement saying they are investigating the incident, as is CTV. Check back for updates.

Did the guy have it coming?

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