Montreal Man Buys First-Ever Custom English License Plate In Quebec

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Montreal Man Buys First-Ever Custom English License Plate In Quebec

About a month ago we found out that Quebec will soon change its laws surrounding license plates in the province.

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If you were ever jealous of those who had personalized license plates, well now is your chance to get your hands on one because as of today The Société de l 'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) will allow anyone to purchase a customized license plate.

Looks like the first person to ever buy a customized license plate decided to go as minimal as possible, and just chose "Hi" as his plate message.

The Facebook comments that follow are pretty hilarious, and you should check them out for a good laugh.

Many people are commenting on the French/English controversy surrounding personalized license plates. Earlier this month we found out that - although it's legal for now - the PQ doesn't want people to use English words on their license plates. So keep in mind that you may inadvertently be making a political statement with the choice of words on your license plate.

Users are also commenting that the SAAQ web portal where you can create and request your plate may be temporarily down due to technical issues.

Personalized plates are not cheap either, they will run you $250 per plate. If you're interested in knowing more or trying to order one yourself, check out the SAAQ web portal HERE for all the info.