Montreal Man Camps Out On Saint-Catherine For iPhone 6 So That He Can Impress Girls At The Club

At least he has his priorities straight.

It's finally here, the day we have all been impatiently waiting for! Yep, the most important date of the year, the day that will be remembered through all of history, Friday September 19, 2014.

If you have been somehow living under a rock, or simply don't give a f*ck, Apple released their brand new iPhone 6 today. That's right, the orchard is finally ripe for the picking and consumers are rejoicing. The loyalty displayed by Apple's followers is truly impressive with some (many) lining up hours, even days before to get their hands on the latest and greatest tech known to man.

Camping out in front of the Apple Store on launch day is nothing new, but this Montrealer set up a full three days before, ready for anything and everything, all for his chance to impress the girls at the club Friday night.

Here's some visual proof of the lengths some people will go to all for a phone.

Now that's dedication.


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