Montreal Man Denied Healthcare For Speaking English

The clerk demanded he speak in French.
Montreal Man Denied Healthcare For Speaking English

We've heard stories like these countless times before and yet they never cease to amaze us. A Montrealer named Praveen Albuquerque was trying to get a hospital card at the Verdun Hospital this week and even though he's bilingual, he prefers dealing with medical issues in English. That's perfectly understandable. Knowing how to speak French as a second language is one thing, but when you're dealing with your health you want to make sure there are no miscommunication or misunderstandings.

According to CBC, when Mr. Albuquerque told the clerk he preferred being spoken to in English, she answered: "En français s'il vous plaît." When he said that he still  preferred continuing in English the clerk replied: "No, this is Quebec and you will speak to me in French."

Someone should tell that clerk that the law is very clear:

"Each agency, in collaboration with institutions, must develop a program of access to health services and social services in the English language for the English-speaking population of its area" - Act Respecting Health Service And Social Services Section 348 

Albuquerque wants the government  to guarantee that health care service be made available in English because it is the patient's right to choose what language they want to be served in. Which is a pretty reasonable demand when you stop to think about it.

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