Montreal Man Goes Viral On Reddit For Looking Like Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum has to see this!
Montreal Man Goes Viral On Reddit For Looking Like Jeff Goldblum

A Montrealer is blowing up on reddit after a photo posted yesterday evening to the site went viral. The photo, which currently has almost 30k upvotes, shows a man posing with his two sons. The caption reads, "my friend's dad looks like Evil Jeff Goldblum," and people are obsessing over it.

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TLDR; Someone's dad looks like Jeff Goldlum and the Reddit reactions are hilarious.

The people of reddit agree. The top comment is a link to the often-memed photo of Jeff Goldblum, wedding ring on full display, choking two girls in a crowded room (Big. Dick. Energy.).

Other people are debating on whether or not this man really looks like the evil version of Goldblum. "Is it because your friend’s dad is Jeff Goldblum?" comments DeathDiggerSWE. Another reddit user, TotalBS_1973, commented "Not evil. He looks exactly like Jeff Goldblum. Jeff always has a slightly naughty look."

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Others are commenting on the exact mix of celebrities this man represents. Some think that he looks like a mix of Goldblum and Salman Rushdie, while others see it more as a mix of Jeff Goldblum and Andy Sirkis. One commenter, AtotheZed, says "he looks like the lovechild of Newman and Jeff Goldblum."

Other, thirsty, commenters are more interested in the sons and, honestly, I can't blame them. The one on the right is our very own, very cute Anchorman Canada host Alex Melki!

Do you see the resemblance? 


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