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Montreal Man Has The Most Disturbing Halloween Decoration Ever

Is this legal?
Montreal Man Has The Most Disturbing Halloween Decoration Ever

This past weekend, everyone in Montreal got dressed up for the hundreds, if not thousands of parties that went down across the city of Montreal.

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TL;DR A extremely frightening and graphic Halloween decoration fashioned onto the spoiler of a blue Subaru was spotted driving around Montreal this week. Scroll down for the photo and comments.

However, actual Halloween day is only this Wednesday. Which is a pretty awkward day for Halloween, but let's not get too bogged down on the things we have zero control over, right?

The point I'm trying to make is that people will be roaming the streets in Halloween costumes all week. And you can also spot some houses around the GMA with insanely intricate decorations. 

Let's just say, some people seem a little too dedicated to scaring off poor trick-or-treaters this year.

One Halloween decoration instantly caught the attention of Montrealers on Facebook, though. This unusual photo was posted onto the Spotted: STM page a few days ago.

Via spottedstm0

Now THIS is Halloween dedication.

The car owner made a human-like corpse dummy, which appears to have the proportions of a child, wrapped it in blood-stained sheets, and fashioned it to the spoiler of his Subaru. Very interesting choice. 

Now, I'm sure this has spooked the hell out of many drivers pulling up behind him. And quite frankly, it would be surprising if they didn't get some crazy stares and comments, and maybe even a phone call to the police. 

The post received a ton of hilarious comments, check it out below.

Have you spotted any super scary and disturbing halloween decorations around Montreal? Let us know!

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