Montreal Man Is Trading His 50" TV For A Striptease On Craigslist

If you need a new tv this is for you.
Montreal Man Is Trading His 50" TV For A Striptease On Craigslist

After spending hours paroling Craigslist Montreal for odd job posts, there aren't many things that surprise us anymore. That is until we came across a man offering a 50" Samsung TV to the first girl willing to go to his house and strip for him. It seems that the job poster just bought the TV, but his friend bought a bigger curved TV and now he's jealous.

Original Ad

Does this type of funny classified ads has any business in being listed on Kijiji, Craigslist or any other type of Montreal directory? I personally don't know, who am I to judge.

But figuring his TV was worth about the same as one really expensive drunken night at the strip club (or maybe he's just really lonely) he decided that instead of getting his money back, he'd get himself a private show. Of course if we were in his shoes, we would have at least added a clause that you can't be a professional stripper since any girl willing to do it for 20$ will definitely strip for an 800$ TV.

You have to give the man points for creativity, of course those points are automatically taken away for being a total creeper. (once again... who am I to judge though?)

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