Yesterday, some of our staff at MTLBlog noticed a rather disturbing Facebook status from a user named Peter Manirath.

Apparently, Peter thinks it's funny to take advantage of restaurant staff. Peter bragged about how he went into Petinos in Laval, and pretended that he was a food blogger who worked for us in order to get special VIP treatment.

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Of course, we love Petinos and we've featured them several times on our "Best Of" lists, so it's understandable that the staff there would expect us to show up every once in a while.

And as much as I want to give this guy points for being creative, I'm actually pretty angry. It's not MTLBlog that got scammed, it's the hard working staff at Petinos who were taken advantage of by this liar. Plus, Peter admitted he only did it to skip the line, which means a bunch of people who showed up before him got bumped.

But Peter is special, Peter doesn't wait in no lines.

Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought that what Peter did was a dick move. He actually ended up deleting his Facebook status because he was receiving too many negative comments. Perhaps bragging about being an asshole wasn't the best strategy.

Now here's my little PSA for anyone who owns or works at a restaurant or business in Montreal. The staff at MTLBlog make it a point to never mention that fact when we eat somewhere. How can we judge a restaurant accurately if they're going out of their way to impress us? When we make our lists, we recommend restaurants that we genuinely enjoy because we want to show them some love, not because they offer us special treatment.

So if someone comes into your place talking about being a writer for MTLBlog, they're probably lying.

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