Montreal Man Says, F*ck It, Drives His Lamborghini During The Winter Anyways

Some people clearly know how to "winter" better than the rest of us.  

We noticed a post by Johnathan Rothman of @spottedcarsquebec on ‎MONTREAL CAR SPOTTING where someone decided to ignore winter altogether by slapping some winter tires on a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante so they could keep driving it in the winter. 

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For those of you who think the car is too low to handle all that snow think again: 

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Although we commend him on this noble endeavor, we can't help but feel a little bad considering the kind of weather we're having so far this winter.

Driving a Lambo during any winter is challenging, but with the amount of snow we've seen so far in Montreal, I'm sure getting around in the thing has been quite challenging.