Anyone who drives a lot can all attest to a moment where they or another driver experienced some level of road rage.

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We've all been there: Someone cuts us off or pulls a ridiculous and reckless move on the road and our already thin patience just hits a new low.  We finally break, scream, hong, throw the bird, all the classic road rage symptoms come lashing out. 

In some rare incidents, though, drivers can take road rage to a whole other level, and this is something you have to watch out for these days in Montreal, as our streets are treacherous to navigate, traffic is worse than ever, as a result, road rage is likely to be at an all-time high. 

A young man was the victim of a road rage-fueled stabbing late last night in the north side of Montreal.

According to a source, the victim made a maneuver that triggered the suspect's anger, and the suspect proceeded to follow the victim, and confront him in a parking lot once his car was stopped. 

The situation escalated to the point where the suspect stabbed this 20-year-old man. Talk about next level road rage!

Thankfully, the stab wounds are not life-threatening and the suspect is now in custody. Police don't know much about the suspect at the moment, they know, however, that these men don't know each other.