Montreal Man Spotted Dancing Intensely To Michael Jackson On The Metro

No one likes it one when someone makes a huge scene on the metro. A couple fighting, a random rant, a plea for money, none of the above are all that welcome when you want to just sit quietly and not be bothered when riding the metro, but how would you feel about a impromptu Michael Jackson dance performance?

That's pretty much what happened to the Montrealers featured in the video below, who were treated to a boogie-session by André Lévesque, the infamous evangelical metro-dancer. Always sporting a JC shirt (and sometimes a giant cross), Lévesque dances to spread the good word of G to the O-D, while similuantesly enterning all onlookers.

Below you'll find Lévesque's most recent metro dance show, which is a little more dynamic than the last one we saw, as he had no qualms in climbing on the metro poles and jumping from seat to seat. Many thanks to Alexandre Gauthier for originally posting the video. Check it:

Post by Alexandre Gauthier

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