Montreal Man Spotted Getting A Head Start On His Tan For The Summer

Only in Montreal do you tan where you can.

Photo cred - JOrdan Barillaro of Venomenon

Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress, especially in Montreal. Warm and sunny one minute, nippy and snowy the next. We spend all winter cooped up inside, feeling like a dog in heat, barred indoors from the summer street, harbouring a not-so-healthy vitamin D deficiency, counting down the days until we can once again frolic free in the sunshine.

While today is set to be the warmest day of the year so far, we still have a ways to go unfortunately before we are comfortably soaking up 'dem golden rays in the park. Some of us just can't wait any longer, though. Some of us need to feel the sun's magical touch on our bare skin now.

Like this Montreal man, for example, spotted along the 105 route on Sherbrooke in NDG.

Why waste any time building your summer glow, when you can awkwardly lie on your window sill in a Speedo. It's not like you can go sunbathe on the grass just yet, we all know it's covered in poop and other nastiness while the snow melts. So what may appear as indecent exposure to some, we as Montrealers know that this is simply making the most of the situation. Nothing wrong with that, sir. We know everyone will be jealous of your magnificent tan when summer does finally roll around, and you'll laugh and laugh at all the pasty basics oiling themselves up at the park.

And in case you missed the reference before, here's a video of Longview by Green Day. Just seems appropriate.

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