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Montreal Man Spotted Jogging Naked At Night

Only in Montreal.
Montreal Man Spotted Jogging Naked At Night

Photo cred - Radio Canada

As a Montrealer I usually brag to others about how tough we are here and how the cold doesn't bother us. I laugh when I see our friends South of the border panicking when they get 10 centimeters of snow and the whole town shuts down. But according to Radio-Canada there's one man who puts the rest of us to shame. It seems that a jogger who lives near RDP has been jogging in the middle of the night, he does this because his particular style of jogging required a certain amount of privacy. He likes to jog naked. (Either that or he got drunk while watching the movie Old School)

This man who has been spotted at the Parc-nature de l'Île-de-la-Visitation is giving the middle finger to the winter season by jogging in the middle of the night with nothing but his running shoes and a tuque (the tuque kinda seems a little useless at this point).

Photo cred - Radio Canada

The resident who shot the video complained to the local police but decided he should get proof of his accusations when his complaint was not taken seriously. So on the night of March 9th (a night where the temperature was well below zero) the resident set up his camera and the naked man ran right passed his home as he usually does every night at 4am.

The Montreal Police confirmed they were looking into the matter after several neighbors began complaining. If he's caught (yup, he's still out there) the man may face fines for exhibitionism and indecent acts.


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