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Montreal Man Spotted Rescuing Dog From A Hot Car Yesterday

Watch him hunt down the owner.
Montreal Man Spotted Rescuing Dog From A Hot Car Yesterday

What would you do if you walked by a dog in a hot car? You could go about your day like it's none of your business, take a picture and post it on Facebook to express your outrage, or perhaps you'd wait and make sure the dog is okay until the owner comes back. Well one Montreal man wasn't going sit around doing nothing after he came across a dog locked inside a car yesterday. He decided to go into every business in the nearby strip mall and hunt down the owner of the dog.

Once he found him, he practically dragged him out to the car and didn't let up until the owner agreed to unlock to door. The owner claimed that he was barely gone for 5 minutes but that didn't satisfy our heroic vigilante who insisted that even 5 minutes is unacceptable.  After giving the dog owner a well deserved scolding, he offered to watch the dog while the owner went back inside to pay for his food.

If you recall it felt like 38ºC yesterday which means the inside of that car would be well over 45ºC.

Check out the video below (NSFW Language):


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