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Montreal Man Suspected Of Abducting Women Is On The Loose

Girls, be careful.
Montreal Man Suspected Of Abducting Women Is On The Loose

Any woman who's been followed by a stranger knows how terrifying and traumatic the experience can be. And although Montreal is a relatively safe place when it comes to violent crimes, unreported incidents like these happen all the time.

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Just ask a couple female friends or colleagues about these experiences and I'm sure all of them have experienced this , to some degree, at least once in their lifetime.

At the moment Longueuil police are looking for a white male between 25 and 35 years old who has been suspected to be following women in his grey or silver Dodge Caravan.

Several women have come forward and reported having been followed by this man in the same location in Brossard last month.

One victim even states that the man attempted to grab her from behind and she had to scream to fight him off.  Another woman reports that she felt a man in a van was following her.  And she quickly began to run when she noticed he got out of his van and walked towards her.

These women are mostly minors, and although police have not yet found this man, and don't know the actual extent of his crimes, they are urging any witnesses of these events to phone in at 450-463-7211 and help them with their search to locate this suspect.


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