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Montreal Man Wants To Pay You $1000 To Manage His Tinder Account This Summer

Thanks to the internet, there are a number of jobs out there that simply didn't exist a few years ago. Jobs like social media managers, YouTube hosts, or webcam models.

But there's an even weirder internet job out there and you might just be perfect for it.

This montreal man wants you to manage his Tinder profile for him and he's willing to pay pretty well if you can bring him success in the online dating world.

The premise is simple. Swiping though profiles in Tinder is easy, but once you start matching and chatting with other users, that's when thing get more complicated.

That's where you come in. 

You get paid $100 up front just to set up the Tinder account.

The employer will then do the scrolling and swiping and it's your job to engage with the potential matches.

You'll get paid $20 for every match he receives and $200 for every date you set up.

(On the ad, these fees have been reversed but it has to be a mistake because if he's actually paying $200 per match he'll be broke within the week)

So if you set up the account and get him at least one date, that's $320 and if you manage to set up a couple more dates you'll make $1000+ in no time!

Hurry up and apply! This is your only chance to become a real life Cirano de Bergerac and help this man find love!

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