Montreal Man Who Writes Chinese Poetry On Public Transit Spotted On An STM Bus (Video)

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Montreal Man Who Writes Chinese Poetry On Public Transit Spotted On An STM Bus (Video)

You may remember us reporting about a man using water to write Chinese poetry on the salty ground of Lionel-Groulx metro station a couple weeks ago

Well, the poetic crusader is back! And this time he has taken his talents to the public buses!

One of our readers, Instagram user @georgelion, caught the artist on video earlier today and sent it to us so that we could share it with you! If you can translate what he's writing, we'd love to know!

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TL;DR Montreal's very own public poet is at it again, this time on the #45 bus! We need help translating this, so if you know what he's writing, send us a message!

The video above was captured on the STM's #45 bus which travels along Papineau.

It shows the man with his signature yogurt pail full of water and his large paintbrush, doing what he does best:

Spreading ephemeral poetry with Montrealers using the salty ground as his canvas.

I love his determination, despite the bus's attempts to totally ruin his graceful calligraphy. 

We were lucky enough to have someone translate the previous poem that he wrote at Lionel-Groulx station and from there we were able to discern that he was sharing a Tang dynasty poem that dates back to somewhere between 730 and 780 A.D.

@mtlblogembedded via  

I failed to mention in my previous article that the man is using water to paint the characters onto the salty ground... so more than one person thought this man was vandalizing the floors of the metro!

Not to worry, dear Montrealers, the poems slowly fade away as passengers come and go and salt yet again takes over the poetic message.

I really hope to run into the man one day myself, so I can personally thank him. Not only for making our city more beautiful and spreading the joys of poetry — but also because he makes my job better! I love when I find out there's another video of him that I get to dive into and then share with the world.

Like I mentioned above, if you can read what he's writing above, I would love to know more!

Stay tuned!

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