Montreal Man's Brutally Honest Opinion About The Quebec Government's Ban On "Bonjour-Hi"

One of the latest issues causing "controversy" in Quebec in about the  “bonjour-hi” situation.

In case you haven't heard, Quebec politicians passed a motion yesterday prompting businesses to welcome customers with the “bonjour" instead of  “bonjour-hi”.

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Of course the bill itself doesn’t make saying “bonjour-hi” illegal, it’s just a new way to promote the all-French alternative in the hope it will catch on. 

Montreal based comedian and talkshow host, Adam Susser has a particularly brutal opinion on the matter, so we decided to share it with you. (Full text below)

Full Text:

"I hate the fact that this makes me emotional… The Quebec government is run by a bunch of old men and women with antiquated fears and insecurities that are so out of touch with present day Montreal, Quebec that it’s almost funny - but it’s actually not.

Philippe Couillard is the worst kind of politician, and this was made clear to me when he passed the racist Bill 62. I do not believe he actually believes “Bonjour-Hi” is a problem, (just like I don’t believe he actually believes in Bill 62), but he’s the type of politician who will sell his morals and values for votes just so he can stay in power, regardless of how regressive and problematic it would be for his people, and this includes scaring the right people into falsely believing that Anglophones and minorities are threatening their culture. At least politicians like Jean-Francois Lisée and Pauline Marois believe(d) in their xenophobia.

We should not let some backward thinking government dictate how we as Montrealers, and Quebecer move forward because we’ve all come so far. Their idea of Montreal is the opposite of what it has become. We should all be proud that what was once a much bigger problem, is dying and probably will die off completely with Couillard’s generation (no disrespect to our boomers ;) ) and this was all achieved without violence but through patience and a genuine desire of the people – not the politicians – wanting to be friends.

The Quebec government’s insecure vision of our province is representative of the past, not the present, and definitely not our future. #salutbye"


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