Montreal Map Showing Which Streets Will Be Plowed First

Some streets simply don't matter.
Montreal Map Showing Which Streets Will Be Plowed First

Now that the first snow of the year has fallen, the question on most people's minds (at least the ones who have cars) is when are the streets going to be plowed. 

Sure you could wait for the city to put up "no parking signs", or you can check for yourself to see which streets will be plowed first. 

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Luckily Montreal has a handy map that shows you exactly what streets get prioritized during the snow clearing operations. 

The map groups every street in Montreal according to their importance. The red streets are top priority, followed by the blue streets The grey streets are considered the lowest priority and are only plowed once all the other streets have been taken care of. 

Click here to see where your streets ranks

But if you're looking for even more accurate information, you can always download the Info-Neige app which will let you know exactly when your street will be cleared. 

Last we checked, as of 2:00 pm no streets are scheduled to be plowed tonight. 

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