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Montreal Map That Shows You Every Tree In The City

Over 250,000 trees documented.
Montreal Map That Shows You Every Tree In The City

QuéBio, an organization devoted monitoring biodiversity in Quebec, has created an online map that plots every tree in the city of Montreal.

Well, almost every tree.

The map itself only maps trees in front yards, which still adds up to an impressive 250,000 trees. You can even filter based on species, which is pretty fly.

Parks included, the city lists around 675 000 trees in Montreal, with the full number (including nearby cities like Westmount and forests) reaching somewhere around 1.5. million trees, as this helpful redditor guesses.

While QuéBio's map does leave out a large portion of the city's trees, it is still very cool to see the amount and different types of trees littered throughout Montreal's streets and neighborhoods.

See the map of Montreal's trees here.

How many trees do you think are in Montreal?

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