Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Says New STM Pink Line "Will Never Happen"

Installing a new “Pink Line” on the STM metro network is a costly and unrealistic endeavour, says Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre. 

A project proposed by mayoral hopeful Valerie Plante of Projet Montreal, Denis Coderre spoke out against the Pink Line yesterday, criticizing both the project and Plante. 

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Coderre said the announcement of a Pink Line initiative was done solely to gain votes, reports La Presse

The amount of money needed to create a new metro line, about six billion, was criticized by Coderre. 

The acting mayor also added that a Pink Line simply “will not work” and that Montrealers “deserve better” than what Valerie Plante is selling them, to paraphrase. 

Coderre did add, however, that the Blue Line extension to Anjou is still moving forward. 

In response, Valerie Plante called Coderre out, saying that the current mayor should be apologizing to all Montrealers stuck in traffic or in a lengthy commute. 

Plante invited Coderre to discuss the transport-issues facing Montrealers while also promising that some sort of solution will be worked out, eventually. 

As enticing as a Pink Line may be, Coderre may be right. Getting the provincial and federal government to pay for the bulk of a $6 billion project is a lofty goal, at best. 

Coderre may be speaking from experience, understanding how difficult it can be to get funding for infrastructure projects through his time as mayor. 

Or Coderre is criticizing the Pink Line so heavily to save face, not wanting his mayoral competitor to look better to voters than he does. 

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