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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Wants Food Trucks In Every Borough Of The City

So that no one is left out.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Wants Food Trucks In Every Borough Of The City

Photo cred - Doug Caribb

Montreal's mayor wants the whole city to enjoy the pleasures of street food. After helping to launch the food truck season yesterday, Coderre publicly supported expanding food trucks all throughout the city's boroughs.

Coderre believes Montreal isn't solely centered in downtown, and new locations need to open. A total number of food trucks will likely then increase, but Coderre didn't comment on an exact number of new trucks he'd allow for next year's season.

One issue many people had with last year's food truck season was the high price for most options. Aware of the many complaints, Coderre let Montreal know that affordability is a definite focus for any future food truck endeavors.

Hot dog stands may also be on the way, as Coderre said he is open to the possibility, wanting to expand Montreal's already prominent food culture. More food trucks and hot dog stands, good job Coderre, good job.

Restaurant owners won't be too happy by Coderre's announcement, seeing food trucks as a threat to business. Cities like New York can balance food trucks and regular restaurants, so Coderre isn't too worried. And if your resto can't compete with a food truck, well, maybe your restaurant just isn't that good.

Read up on all of this year's food trucks here, and see where they will be downtown here.

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