Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's Son Lied To The Police

Quite a courtroom drama.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's Son Lied To The Police

The son of Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre, Alexandre Coderre, pled guilty to five counts of fraud under $5000 in front of a courtroom yesterday, reports La Presse

Alexandre Coderre, 21, also pled guilty to starting a police investigation "under false pretences," meaning the younger Coderre lied to the police and got them to start an criminal investigation he knew wouldn't go anywhere. 

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Unfortunately, the investigation did go somewhere, right back to Alexandre Coderre. 

The tale begins in the time between 2015 and 2016, when Alexandre Coderre reported to have had his identity stolen. 

Coderre paid for stuff on the internet using credit cards, but then he called his card-providers, saying someone had stolen his identity and was using his credit card without his permission. 

In total, the charges amounted to more than $16,000, all of which Coderre tried to get out of paying. 

And so a criminal investigation began, with Montreal's mayor even telling the city's police chief about the incidents. 

The investigation, conducted by the Sûreté du Québec, went on for over a year, and throughout the entire time, Alexandre Coderre kept the truth to himself. 

A Crown attorney speaking to the court admonished Alexandre Coderre for his lies, told to both his family and investigators.

According to the attorney, Coderre even took out a SIM card from his phone, which was acquired through a search warrant.  

Alexandre Coderre's defence lawyer used an interesting strategy to defend his client's actions, saying that the perpetrator-of-fraud suffers from a "cyber addiction." 

Otherwise known as "Internet addiction disorder," which is a legit disorder according to some psychiatrists, the condition refers to excessive Internet use that interferes with daily life. 

Alexandre Coderre is now in therapy for his cyber addiction.  

Denis Coderre, Alexandre's father and the mayor of Montreal, was not present during the hearings. Coderre, however, is said to be going to the sentencing on December 20th.