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Montreal Mayoral Candidate Has A Prostitute On Her Team?

Melanie Joly's controversial representative for Plateau-Mont Royal.
Montreal Mayoral Candidate Has A Prostitute On Her Team?

Melanie Joly, one of four front runners for Montreal's municipal elections, and her team have chosen Bibiane Bovet to run for councilor of the De Lorimier, a woman who was, until recently, a professional escort. So recently, in fact, that Bovet is still featured on many escort-websites, offering services for at-home engagements.

But don't hate on Bovet too soon. According to La Presse, Bovet only offered entered the street sex-industry in 2012 to pay for a sex change operation. Keep in mind how expensive these procedures are, with no government compensation, and Bovet is not the first to turn to prostitution to pay for the operation. Besides, its not as if prostitution is officially illegal in Canada.

Despite Bovet's checkered past, Melanie Joly's group has the utmost confidence in their handpicked representative. Bovet was apparently very open about her previous escort experience, and Joly's team thought her drive and other skills, such as finance, made her a perfect candidate.

As qualified as Bovet may be, one cannot help but wonder exactly why Joly and her team chose her over all other candidates. With the amount of new coverage on the 'Ex-Escort Candidate' who also could be the first transsexual city official in Montreal's history, Joly may have made a strategic decision in order to gain a large amount of news coverage for her campaign.

What do you think? Is Bovet a media attraction used by Joly's team, or a legitimate choice for municipal official? Let us know in the comments below.

Source and Photo Cred - La Presse

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