Montreal Potholes Are Making Tons Of Money For The City's Mechanics

Let pothole season begin.
Montreal Potholes Are Making Tons Of Money For The City's Mechanics

Being a driver in Montreal, especially in spring, is a tough gig. Not only do you need to deal with notoriously aggressive Montreal drivers, but once the warm weather thaws out all of the snow, you then need to watch out for the influx of potholes that line the streets, each one a pit of danger.

But while potholes are a major annoyance (and safety hazard) to you, one particular demographic actually stands to benefit from the mass amount of street-side craters: Montreal's mechanics, obviously.

According to a recent feature on the city's pothole-problem by CTV, Montreal's mechanics and garages make an absolute killing come springtime, aka pothole season. On average, pothole repairs can account for an entire 30% of a garage's total revenue, as one mechanic revealed.

That figure could easily be higher for other garages, and one would think so, given the fact that having your car damaged by a pothole is all but a guarantee sometime throughout the year in Montreal.

But while mechanics are definitely raking in the cash from the city's large presence of potholes, one automative repairman pointed out to CTV how the constant need to repair your car for pothole-related damages creates a serious safety issue for drivers.

Essentially, as Montreal drivers fork out the $200-$500 it costs to repair their cars from pothole-damage, they tend to ignore spending on routine maintenance. Thus, drivers are even more at risk and more likely to experience worse damage the next time they cruise over a pothole, which is all but a guarantee in this city.

So it's pretty much a lose-lose situation if you're a driver in Montreal, but something tells me you already knew that. Still, if there's one thing to take away from this, it's that pothole repairs don't negate basic maintenance fees, so keep your car up to par and you'll be far safer.

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