Montreal Men Need "Winter Condoms" For Cold As Hell Days

Photo cred - Pinterest

The internet holds some very strange things. Weird-as-hell porn and gruesome videos we understand, but when we stumbled upon (not on StumbleUpon, mind you) what we're calling "winter condoms," we felt like we had to share the strangeness.

Technically "crochet condoms," these knitted wonders for your (or your man's) junk are actually a thing, and even has its own crochet-pattern. Time to bust out your knitting needles people.

Sex'ing in this glorified sock puppet would be beyond awkward, but in all honesty, on day's like today, when your whole body is attacked by subzero winds, a winter condom would actually be kind of amazing. Think about it: your feet are frozen, your legs are slowly being frost bitten, you can't even feel most of you upper body, but your crotch is toasty and warm thanks to the crocheted snuggy wrapped around your dick. Pure magic.

Too bad Christmas is over, 'cuz this would have made the perfect stocking stuffer to later stuff your junk in. Take note for next time mothers with sons, because that wouldn't be an creepy gift to give in the slightest. If you detected sarcasm in that last sentence, congratulations, you are capable of cognitive thought.

And just so ladies don't feel left out, enjoy the magic of the nipple warmers below!

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