Montreal Men Should Decorate Their Beards For Christmas

Trim the beard in another way this season.
Montreal Men Should Decorate Their Beards For Christmas

Photo cred - Beard Baubles

Montreal men (and women) sure love their beards. From summer to winter, you're certain to spot a full, but always well trimmed, chin-load of facial hair on more than a few Montreal men walking down the street, typically sporting some flannel, for the full lumbersexual look. During the holiday season, when ugly Christmas sweaters are in style, the beard should match the sweater, and can with "beard baubles."

Essentially Christmas ornaments for one's bear,Beard Baubles are the brainchild of ad agency Grey London & designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, with the latter commissioned by the marketing firm to create a holiday gift to go along with the company's Xmas cards.

Beard Baubles were so amazingly weird, the agency decided to sell them to the public in support of charity, with all proceeds going to the Beard Season, an organization that raises awareness of melanoma.

As of now, the website is out of stock on Beard Baubles, which were sold for $7.80 per pack, and included 14 different ornaments. The site should be back in stock sometime soon, though that shouldn't stop any Montreal men (and women, for their man) from making their own and adorning their beard with festive cheer.

No one would bat an eye seeing a guy rocking beard ornaments in Montreal, and any gent who does will instantly gain so much cool cred. Making them yourself would also be the hippest thing ever, because when beards and DIY combine with Christmas, you become the ultimate seasonal hipster, in a good way.

For inspiration, check out the images below, courtesy of Beard

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