Montreal Metro "Bird Woman" Finally Revealed

We got it wrong, and so did you. Actually, so did everyone.
Montreal Metro "Bird Woman" Finally Revealed

After two waves of massive social media exposure, you no doubt saw the now-infamous video of a woman plucking the feathers off of a foul in the Montreal metro. Any and everyone speculated exactly why a person would do such a thing in a public setting (mental health, drugs, hangry, etc.) and now the speculation can end, because the woman has officially made her presence known.

First reported on Nunatsiaq Online, the woman, Christina David, gave her side of the story on Facebook, basically letting everyone know that the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. David, who is from Kangiqsujuaq and now lives in Montreal, "ain't crazy" and was just super-jazzed to eat some traditional Nunavik cuisine, which wasn't raw, as people believed.

While those in the metro car around her, and many people who saw the video, may have been really grossed out (David may even get a "disturbing of the peace" charge) her fellow Inuk community totally understood the situation and gave David props for celebrating her culture despite her surroundings. CBC quotes several Inuk supporters, with David herself even saying "I will always be a real Inuk for ever" and doesn't regret a thing.

We got a lot of guff for being one of the first to post thevideo, mainly because we were said to be denigrating a woman with poor mental health. After a second round through newspapers and the 'net, we're pretty glad the truth came out and everyone was found to be wrong. Guess we're all just kind of culturally ignorant. Yay?


Alexandre Cloutier

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