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Montreal Metro Map Posters Are Now Available For Your Own Home For Free

The STM right in your own home.
Montreal Metro Map Posters Are Now Available For Your Own Home For Free

Bring the beauty of the Montreal metro system into your own home, free of charge. Okay, beauty is a bit of a stretch, but you can get a station-sized map of the city's metro network to plaster on any wall of your house without spending any moolah, thanks to the STM.

We caught wind of the metro-map freebie thanks to this Reddit thread, where one helpful Montreal let everyone know you can get a metro map (the same size they use in the station) at zero charge. All you have to do is email the STM, or go to their HQ and pick up a copy yourself.

To make sure this was all legit we called the STM, and found out an even easier way to get your own metro map. Simply call in to the STM, ask about the free metro map (you'll have to go on hold for a hot minute) then they'll just ask for your name + address, and bam, it's all set in motion. A little more work than the email but at least you know someone is taking down all the info.

A map of the Montreal metro may not be the prettiest piece of wall-art, but at least its functional. Take a gander of what's it'll look like on your wall here.


After what we're assuming was a large influx of requests for metro maps, the STM contacted us saying that, due to budgetary constraints, they cannot/will not be giving out free metro maps. Any previous requests were deemed "unique cases." You could probably pay a few bucks for your own map, but if you're looking for a freebie, it won't be happening.

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