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Montreal Metro Stations Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Capturing the beauty of our underground one photo at a time.
Montreal Metro Stations Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Cover photo cred - Chris Forsyth

Inaugurated on October 14, 1966, and originally consisting of 26 stations on three separate lines, the Montreal Metro is Canada's busiest subway system, and North America's third busiest in total daily passenger usage. Over the years, it has grown to 68 stations on four lines, delivering millions of Montrealers from point A to B.

While most of us are vaguely aware that Montreal's metro is renowned for its architecture and public art, few of us ever stop to truly appreciate just how unique each station is.

Montreal photographer, Chris Forsyth, started the #Mtlmetroproject on Instagram back in 2014 to showcase just how special our metro stations really are, beautifully capturing them like you've never seen them before.

Check out some examples of Forsyth's stunning metro photos below, as well as his website and Instagram for more of his work.

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