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Montreal Metro Stations To Get Piano Stairs?

A musical addition to Montreal that would make everyone healthier and happier.
Montreal Metro Stations To Get Piano Stairs?

Do you take the stairs, or do you always opt for the easier route of the escalator? No doubt a majority of Montrealers glide up the escalator, with no second thought given to the health benefits of the stairs.

But what if taking the stairs was more fun?

A design team in Odenplan, Stockholm decided to find out, and installed a set of "Piano Stairs" in the exit of a metro station. Each step plays a different note, making the stairs much more exciting and dynamic.

66% more people took the stairs over the escalator after the Piano Stairs were installed, proving that making things more amusing changes people's behavior for the better.

See the stairs in actions in the video below.

Montreal needs these musical steps. Not only would more Montrealers climb the stairs, thus getting a better workout (and nicer booties), but the atmosphere of the metro station would become much more lighthearted and fun.

Berri-UQAM, as a major hub of pedestrian activity, and Place des Arts, for its already-artsy vibe, make for the perfect metro stations to install the Piano Stairs.

Where would you put Piano Stairs in Montreal?

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