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Montreal Midterms Life On Instagram

#midterm instagrams to help you get through the academic shitshow.
Montreal Midterms Life On Instagram

A month ago, life seemed pleasant and carefree. Then BAM, outta nowhere its October and you have your first midterm in a week. Blame alcohol and having fun for the time passing so quick. No matter what, you gotta man up, caffeinate, and pull a few all-nighters. Don't get too hard on yourself though, because the entire student population of Montreal is right there with you. For inspiration, or to just share the pain, here are MTL's best midterm instagrams.

The Midterm Diet

For The Love Of Caffeine

The Midterm Selfie

The Best Way To Study: Beer

So Much Truth

But Keep Strong, Because You'll Eventually Be Done. Like These Mothertruckers

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