Montreal To Cut Down 30,000 Trees On Mount Royal

The trees are in trouble.
Montreal To Cut Down 30,000 Trees On Mount Royal

Mount Royal, the city's lush landmark full of natural flora, is in major trouble. Due to the invasive beetle known as the emerald ash borer, the trees of Mount Royal are constantly being eaten up and damaged. And if things continue, the city may have to cut down up to 30,000 trees.

The rather alarming numbers of trees to be cut down comes from a recent TVA report, where forestry experts have stated that it may be a "best case scenario" for Mount Royal. If these trees infested by the emerald ash borer are not cut down, the epidemic may get worse.

In fact, the problem may already be too far gone, with thousands of trees already condemned to death.

Not exactly a new problem, the emerald ash borer has been damaging trees in Eastern Canada for quite some time. In Montreal specifically, the insect has been attacking the city's trees for the past five years.

But only now is the City of Montreal taking serious steps towards combatting this issue. CTV reports that $18 million dollars is set to be invested in order to ameliorate the issue, but the plan itself still involves chopping down many trees.

Trees already badly damaged by the emerald ash border will be cut down, with others injected with a special pesticide to protect them from the insect, outlines the city's plan. An initiative to plant 21,000 more trees is also in motion, which will hopefully make up for the many trees that must be cut down.

How the cutting down of tens of thousands of Mount Royal's trees will affect Montreal exactly remains to be seen, but every expert agrees the outcome will be entirely negative.

Using an optimistic lens, one could hope the city's strategy to cut down, treat, and plant more trees will balance everything out, but in truth, the emerald ash border problem should have been addressed and solved far sooner.

If that was the case, and Montreal paid more attention to its own ecological makeup, chances are we wouldn't be in this situation at all.

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