Montreal Museums Ban The Use Of Selfie Sticks

Use your eyes kids, not your wands.
Montreal Museums Ban The Use Of Selfie Sticks

Photo cred - joehawkes

If you're the type of person who has ever used or thought of using a selfie stick to snap a pic at the museum, apparently you are not alone, and what's more, you won't be able to do it anymore according to this CBC report.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Pointe-à-Callière Archaeology Museum have already banned the use of selfie sticks in their exhibitions rooms, citing that they are "intrusive and potentially dangerous for the security of the works of art," and invasive to "someone else's personal space."

A few museums in the US have already banned these "wands of narcissism," with several more currently putting policies in place, and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art is also now considering outlawing them.

What's most interesting about this whole affair is the fact that there are actually people who refer to them as wands of narcissism, and even more distressing, our society is at a point where regulations of this kind are becoming increasingly more necessary.

I blame Obama.