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Montreal Musician Collects Sounds From All Over The World

A new album based on the world's many cultures, peoples, and natural sounds.
Montreal Musician Collects Sounds From All Over The World

Music can capture emotions and sentiments like no other artistic medium. Moreso than pictures or film, music can capture the essence of reality, as is the belief of Montreal musician Max LL. Travelling around the world in late 2012, Max LL collected the sounds of nature and humanity in order to create his newest album, something he hopes will be truly 'unique.' Check out Max's story in the video below

For an audio glimpse into Max LL's next album, take a listen to the pre-release single 'Innate.' You can also download the single at any price you like, which is a pretty swet deal.

The album will be released in Spring 2014. For the latest updates and more tracks from Max LL, check out his official website here

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