Montreal Musician Creates 'Cat Playlist' For Animals In Shelters And You Have To Hear It

Just purrrrfect.
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Montreal Musician Creates 'Cat Playlist' For Animals In Shelters And You Have To Hear It

Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the Philadelphia Orchestra's music director and proud Montrealer, has curated a wonderful playlist for shelter animals at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

The music is being piped through the speaker system as we speak! As more studies show, music therapy is an effective treatment for all sort of human mental health issues such as Alzheimer's, dementia, and anxiety disorder. So why wouldn't it be just as therapeutic for our furry friends? 

Nézet-Séguin debuted the playlist this week and says that he was inspired to create a soothing playlist for animals after watching how his cats reacted positively to classical music. 

The playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify, so sit back and enjoy!

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TL;DR A Montreal music director has created a playlist for cats, inspired by cats. This wonderfully soothing playlist is now available on the major streaming platforms. You definitely need to hear this, so cuddle up with your favourite fur baby and enjoy!

'A Cat's Music Playlist' has mostly classical music, with legends such as Chopin and Schubert prominently featured. Nézet-Séguin wanted to create a soothing atmosphere for the many shelter animals under care. 

Research shows that classical music is an effective and soothing means of music therapy that can improve happiness and overall well-being. What's more, classical music has been proven to help animals better cope with stressful situations. 

Nézet-Séguin hopes that he can give the animals a better quality of life by providing them with a soothing and harmonious environment for them. 

I'm actually listening to this playlist right now, and I tell you, I am chill AF.

Nézet-Séguin says that selections like Chopin's Nocturnes can help ease afternoon cat naps for both humans and animals. Needless to say, animals that are cooped up in shelter need all the help they can get. 

I'm all about this. If animals are happier and less stressed about being in such a difficult spot, why isn't every shelter playing melodious classical music for them? I formally petition all SPCAs and animal welfare centres to pump this playlist through their speakers right now. 

The over-300 song playlist is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. I recommend that you go listen to it right now, ok? 

Oh, and make sure you share this amazing playlist with your pets, they deserve it. 


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