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Montreal Must-See Shows In April 2014

These are the shows you don't want to miss out on.

There are so many bands and musicians that play Montreal every month, it's almost impossible to keep track, let alone see them!  Luckily, we're here to save your ass from missing out on the BEST upcoming concerts for this month with this list of must-see shows for April 2014.

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James Vincent McMorrow

Date: April 3

Venue: Club Soda

Genre: Indie/Folk

Why you’re going: Genre-bending Irish musician James Vincent McMorrow is a master of stirring up emotion, combining haunting vocals and beautifully sparse arrangements to stunning effect on his swelling compositions. He is said to be a captivating performer, and Club Soda is a perfect intimate setting for his live show.

The Underachievers

Date: April 4

Venue: Cabaret Underworld

Genre: Hip Hop

Why you're going: With artists like Chance The Rapper and Flatbush Zombies, psychedelic rap has finally become a real thing over the past couple of years. Along with this movement comes New York rap duo The Underachievers, bringing you conceptual lyrics over tripped-out beats. This is their first headlining tour, so they'll be hyped up and ready to put on a killer show.

Zeds Dead

Date: April 4

Venue: New City Gas

Genre: Electronic/Dubstep

Why you're going: This Canadian duo started putting out dubstep tracks back in 2009, and have been steamrolling ever since. They played back in November at Telus Theatre, and anyone that was there could tell you it was pure bass mayhem. They've become worldwide phenomenons in their genre, and will completely rock your brains out.


Date: April 4

Venue: Corona theatre

Genre: Electronic

Why you're going: Rone is one of the most acclaimed French musicians on the electronic scene. Now living in Berlin, the artist’s creative juices seem to be flowing like never before, combining a melodic straightforwardness with the firmly harnessed power of analog soundscapes. This show is sure to be just as visually stunning as it will be sonically.

Candyland & Kill Paris

Date: April 5

Venue: New City Gas

Genre: Electro Funk/Dubstep

Why you're going: If you know Candyland, then you know how fun and energetic their music is, which only gets better in a live setting. If you're familiar with Kill Paris, you'll know that he has been a big part of the electro-funk scene, and will be bringing his signature "Future Funk" sound to melt some faces at New City Gas.


Date: April 5

Venue: Cabaret Underworld

Genre: Hip Hop

Why you're going: If you even so much as call yourself a Wu-Tang fan, this is the show to be at this April. GZA, also known as "the genius" is basically a hip hop legend straight from the "slums of Shaolin." Since the disbanding of Wu-Tang, GZA has led an impressive solo career, and is currently working on his next project Dark Matter. Do not miss out on GZA if you're looking for a real hip-hop education.

Laura Mvula

Date: April 6

Venue: La Tulipe

Genre: Soul/R&B

Why you're going: Laura Mvula was originally set to play in November, but the show was postponed until April, so anticipation is high for her Montreal show. She blends soul and jazz in a way that is reminiscent of 60's R&B, with one of the most captivation voices of this past decade.

Mac DeMarco

Date: April 6

Venue: Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Alternative Rock

Why you're going: Is that man homeless? Nope, it's just Mac DeMarco! After the success of his debut album 2, he has been touring and recording extensively and is just about ready to release his upcoming album Salad Days. So be ready to hear some brand new tracks and, if Mac sticks to his live show format, you may see him and his band get wasted and strip naked throughout the set. Fingers crossed.

Black Sabbath

Date: April 7

Venue: Bell Centre

Genre: Rock

Why you're going: The mighty Black Sabbath and leading madman Ozzy Osbourne, will be supporting their newest album 13, in true head banging fashion. These rock legends put one of the best live shows, and Ozzy Osbourne once bit the head off a live bat at one of their concerts, enough said.

Keys n' Krates

Date: April 10

Venue: Le Belmont

Genre: Electronic/Trap

Why you're going: This is real trap shit son. This electronic trio out of Toronto plays all their banging trap tunes and remixes live, combining drums, sample, and synthesizers for an exceptional live music experience.


Date: April 12

Venue: Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Electro-pop/French House

Why you're going: French disco house is about the most danceable thing out there these days. Yuksek is one of the most versatile french producers and puts on a great live show with a full band that is sure to get you and your girlfriend's pants in a flurry, as they say. Is that what they say?


Date: April 14

Venue: Theatre Corona

Genre: Indie/Downtempo

Why you're going: Creating lussh soundscapes and dreamy melodies, Tycho is well known for his past two albums; Dive and Awake. His live shows are simply an extension of his raw talent as a producer, and are most likely going to carry you to a whole other world. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any loss of consciousness or vision!


Date: April 18

Venue: Le Belmont

Genre: Electronic/Trap

Why you're going: There are remixes, and then there are Branchez remixes.One of the best up-and-coming trap producers of the past year, this show is going to be ABSOLUTELY nuts.

Bal En Blanc (Hardwell, Carl Cox, New World Punx)

Date: April 20

Venue: Palais des Congres de Montreal

Genre: Electronic/Rave

Why you're going: One of the biggest raves of the year. All night long, Everyone dressed in white. World-class DJ's. Sexy people everywhere. Just don't spill any tomato juice on your white pants.

NOIRE w/Jacques Greene, Nosaj Thing, Mr. Carmack and others

Date: April 20

Venue: Espace Reunion

Genre: Electronic/Hip Hop

Why you're going: NOIRE is the first ever collaboration between Montreal event planners Saintwoods, SJU, and I Love Neon. Not only is NOIRE bringing you a massive party, it's also on 420 and boasts a huge line-up of international powerhouses: Jacques Greene, Nosaj Thing, Mr. Carmack, Kahn,Djemba Djemba, Pomo, and more!

Black Lips

Date: April 21

Venue: Theatre Corona

Genre: Indie rock/Garage

Why you're going: You probably won't ever be as badass as the Black Lips, but hell, you can always try. They've been known for their crazy onstage antics, the sort of antics that have gotten them kicked out of clubs and, in the case of a 2009 trip to India, nearly arrested. Despite their wild, sporadic attitude, they give it their all, so expect a killer live show.

James Blunt

Date: April 23

Venue: Bell Centre

Genre: Pop

Why you're going: You're beautiful, it's true. I'm sure you know it already, but a healthy reminder doesn't hurt anyway. Topping pop charts around the world, James Blunt is sill going strong with his latest album Moon Landing. His ultra-provocative falsetoo vocals and guitar-strumming will have you sobbing and weak at the knees.

Iggy Azalea

Date: April 24

Venue: Theatre Corona

Genre: Hip Hop

Why you're going: Iggy Azalea isfinally making her official Montreal debut! This Australian hip hop artist has been making waves in the music industry with her tough girl attitude, hip-hop glamour look and rapping prowess. She’s been working at it for years, but 2013 is proving to be her biggest year yet.

The Knife

Date: April 26

Venue: Metropolis

Genre: Synthpop/Indie

Why you're going: Things tend to get a bit weird at a Knife shows, but believe me, this is a good thing. This duo from Sweden takes inspiration from vintage synth pop and forward-thinking electronic music, crafting a sound that is equally unsettling, playful, and beautiful.


Date: April 27

Venue: Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Electronic/Dance

Why you're going: It seems like Sweden has some kind of never-ending inventory of house music producers, and all of them seem to outdo the last one. This duo from Stockholm has taken a forward-thinking approach to pop music, re-crafting your favourite sounds into catchy house tunes. This is sure to be one of the more interesting shows of April 2014!


Date: April 27

Venue: Metropolis

Genre: Electronic/Glitch Hop

Why you're going: Some matches are just meant to be.Moderat’s formation began back in 2002 in Berlin, Germany when Sascha Ring (aka Apparat) and Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) teamed up for an EP. After having disbanded, they got back together in 2008 and have released two spectacular albums since. Definitely a must-see show.

Which show are you most pumped for?

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