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Montreal Is Banning Hip-Hop Music

A real injustice.
Montreal Is Banning Hip-Hop Music

Popular nightclub Muzique has been in some seriously hot water this past week, after Michael Duchard was shot right outside of the club on the corner of Roy and Saint Laurent last Thursday. The assault is likely linked to gang violence.

Fearing retaliation from Duchard's acquaintances, potentially putting other citizens at risk, the SPVM called an emergency hearing with Quebec's Liquor Control Board to have Muzique forcibly shut down in order to prevent any further incidents.

Once the hearings finished, it was ruled that Muzique would be able to stay open, but with some rather strange (and arguably offensive) conditions.

One of suchconditions is, if Muzique hopes to remain in operation, hip-hop music can't be played at the venue, reports Metro. UPDATE: Muzique clarified that the "no hip-hop" rule will only be enforced on Sundays.

Photo cred - Muzique Montréal

Yes, the SPVM have pretty much led to the banning of hip-hop music in Montreal. Cue Footloose jokes.

Another condition the venue must follow is an increase in security guards, which actually makes sense, to help diffuse dangerous situations. So, those heading the hearings obviously have a sensible mind, and yet still couldn't realize the notion that "hip-hop increases crime" is inherently ridiculous.

And that's pretty much what the "no hip-hop" condition says, even if not blatantly. I'm sure those who created this condition feel justified in their decision, but to say that the banning of hip-hop is simultaneously silly, unjustified, and mildly racist is an understatement.

Obviously the SPVM and Quebec’s Liquor Control Board have a very negative perception of hip-hop, and subsequently those who listen to the style of music. And because of this bias, a club is actually forced to remove an entire genre of music from its playlists.

How long Muzique will be banned from playing hip-hop remains to be seen, but the increased security will be a probable mainstay from now on. But will Muzique now be violence-free without hip-hop? The short answer is no, because music doesn't hurt people, humans do that just fine on their own.

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