Montreal National Cat Day Is Today

The purrrfect event for cat lovers.
Montreal National Cat Day Is Today

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All cat lovers (so the entirety of the internet) should all be getting prep'd for what will surely be like an early Christmas for feline-ophiles. We are, of course, talking about National Cat Day on October 26th, a day devoted to our four-legged friends and the folks who love them, sometimes (or often, lets be real) to the point of creepy.

National Cat Day was originally started way back in 2005 by Colleen Paige with the intent to make the general public aware of the high number of stray cats that need to be rescued every year, while also giving a cat lovers a day to showcase their undying adoration for their felines. Other than Caturday, of course.

Gaining steam as time the years have passed, Cat Day officially went international last year, though cat-lovers across the world could always partcipate. To celebrate, post some cute pics of your cat (as if you don't already), get people informed on prevelant cat-related issues, and above all, promote cat adoption, because no feline should be without a home.

In Montreal, you can get in on Cat Day fun in ways folks in other cities can't. We're mostly thinking about the two cat cafes that opened up in the last couple of months, Café Chat l'heureux and Cat Café Montreal, both of which are perfect venues to show some cat love. If both cafes don't have a special event (nothing on Facebook yet) then we'll be a little dissapointed, 'cuz these folks are supposed to live and breath cat culture.

On October 26th you should also check in on what the Montreal SPCA is up to. Even if they're not officially celebrating Cat Day, you should still share the page or promote their services, so as to help out all of the cats who need to be adopted in Montreal.

Learn everything you need to know by heading to the National Cat Day website here.

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