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Montreal National Coffee Day Is Today

Celebrate the drink that makes you a better person.
Montreal National Coffee Day Is Today

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Every morning, when you take that first sip of  your caffeinated elixir from the heavens, commonly referred to as coffee, you say a silent prayer of thanks to the coffee gods on high who have made your existence bearable. A morning ritual we all perform, and should, because the deities of java should never be made angry, but today, give some extra special thanks, because it is National Coffee Day, a sanctioned celebration of the world's most amazingly addicting beverage.

Totally a legit thing, September 29th is National Coffee Day in 12 different nations (Canada included, of course), while 14 other countries celebrate the day dedicated to cups of Joe on other calendar days, though the majority are held in autumn. An exact origin for Coffee Day isn't quite known (Wikipedia cites the Japanese as the initial trend-setters) but you shouldn't need a legit reason to celebrate, because come on, you were going to drink coffee today anyway.

Deals on deals for coffee would be expected today, though don't get your hopes up. Tim Hortons is offering $1 small coffees, Krispy Kreme is offering free small coffees (unconfirmed if that extends to the South Shore location), and Cafe Union has promised a few surprises, though that's all that seems to be in the mainstream pipeline for National Coffee Day celebrations in Montreal. Reminding your favourite indy coffee shop would be a good idea, because they'll probably cut you a deal solely to look knowledgable, even if they have no clue what you're talking about.

Even though the major coffee chains and shops don't seem to be gung-ho about National Coffee Day, that doesn't mean you can't find a way to celebrate on your own. Try out a new coffee spot you've never been to using the Montreal-made Abdeus coffee app, or this incredibly handy map. Get a 'lil crazy and try enjoying coffee in an entirely different way, like in a waffle cone-cup. Given the strangely warm weather, hit up one of Montreal's premiere cold coffee joints.

Bonus points to anyone who can turn a tea-drinker into a full fledged coffee drinker on this magical day dedicated to java. No doubt that'll get you some serious brownie points with the celestial lords of caffeine, who, maybe more than Santa Clause, I truly believe to be real. How else can coffee improve one's cognitive performance while tasting delicious? Science, don't answer that one please.

UPDATE: 57Cals, who kindly tweeted us, is offering free coffee in celebration of National Coffee Day in Montreal. You can't beat free.

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