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Montreal National Cookie Day Is Today

Simply sweet.
Montreal National Cookie Day Is Today

Photo cred - Cafesherethere

Today let the cookie crumble right into your mouth (after dipping into a cup of milk, of course) because December 4th is National Cookie Day in Montreal and the world over. Sugar-filled and butter-tastic, and ideally stuffed with chocolate chips or the like, you would never need an excuse to eat the classic baked good, but today is the day to truly appreciate the mighty cookie.

National Cookie Day apparently dates back to 1987, when the Blue Chip Cookie Company decreed December 4th as the day to celebrate cookies.

7 years before, however, in the 1980 book The Sesame Street Dictionary the original cookie addict, Cookie Monster, decreed his very own National Cookie Day. I like to think he was referring to December 4th, giving the day way more credibility.

Celebrating National Cookie Day in Montreal is sweetly simple. Just head to one of Montreal's best cookie spots (Café Névé specifically) or enjoy a signature Montreal cookie like the Croissant Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Or be legit and bake your own. Whichever you choose, just remember: today is a holiday, meaning you can forget about your diet and indulge in everyone's favourite rounded baked good, so go get cookie'd.

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