Montreal National "Dress Up Your Pet Day" Is Today

Make your furry friend look extra fly.
Montreal National "Dress Up Your Pet Day" Is Today

Photo cred - flipperman75

Halloween, Christmas, a birthday, or any seasonal holiday with some form of apparel are all good excuses for making your cat/dog/pet wear a ridiculous (ridiculously cute, that is) outfit. On any other days of the year, dressing up your pet, and taking a bunch of pictures, as is required, would be deemed a tad obsessive. Not today.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 is otherwise known as "National Dress Up Your Pet Day," a yearly pet-centric event we had no idea existed. Created as a means to support the world of animal fashion, the title of the day basically says it all, as you're invited to suit up your pet in any manner of "people" clothes and bask in the adorableness.

Neckties, sweater vests, ballerina tutus, even Halloween-style costumes are totally acceptable on this day of animal outfit appreciation. Just be sure to flood your Facebook/Instagram feed with pics of your pet, and send plenty of snaps, so all of your friends can see how your furry friend is the epitome of cute. Trust us, your friends love seeing more pictures of your cat.

Fingers crossed both of Montreal's cat cafes will be celebrating this pseudo pet-holiday, for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have a furry friend to dress up.

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