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Montreal National Have A Bagel Day Is Today

Otherwise known as the best day ever.
Montreal National Have A Bagel Day Is Today

Photo cred - TMAB2003

Just in case you needed an excuse to indulge in the ringed carb-y comfort food that is the bagel, here is one, because today, December 11th, is "Have A Bagel Day," according to Foodimentary. You could say that every day is Have A Bagel Day in Montreal, which just makes the city the perfect grounds to celebrate this bagel-tastic food holiday.

Not to be confused with National Bagel Day (which apparently occurs on Feb. 9th), Have A Bagel Day is a little more forward, forcing you to actually eat a bagel, rather than be a skinny bitch about it and just celebrate the fact that bagels exist. There's no escaping a bagel today, so just go with it, because as (un)proven by science, you'll be a better person for eating a bagel anyway.

Interstingly, we have yet to hear anything regarding Have A Bagel Day from any of Montreal's bagel institutions, even St. Viateur Bagel, who has become quite vocal (and hilarious) on the twitter-verse recently. Not to worry, here are a few suggestions to help get your bagel on today:

You have the tools, now go get bagel'd.

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