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Montreal National Noodle Day Is Today

Sure, why not.
Montreal National Noodle Day Is Today

Photo cred - Wwlj

So, unknown to us, and likely many of you, is the amazing fact that October 6th is National Noodle Day. There seems to be a food holiday for nearly every type of dish, and today, on the sixth of October, the mighty noodle is wearing the party hat. So grab a bowl and get ready to celebrate.

The origins of National Noodle Day are beyond us, and we're not the only ones in the dark. It seems to be an unofficial national holiday, celebrated on October 6th for who knows what reason, and really only celebrated by major noodle restos as an excuse for self-promotion and creating special deals, like Noodles & Company. All that doesn't really concern us, because we'll take any reason to eat noodles.

You can be a scrub and just eat a bowl of $1 ramen as a celebration of National Noodle Day, or you can be a true noodle-lover and get some of Montreal's best ramen soup or best pho restaurants. Noodles go well beyond soups and Asian cusine, as you know, so feel free to indulge in a giant bowl of pasta or a hearty slice of lasagna. Worst to worst, just get some $2 chow mein, which honestly speaking, is maybe the most Montreal-ish way to partake in National Noodle Day.

Many thanks tothis flyby tweet which put is in the know on National Noodle Day.

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