Montreal Needs A "Love Lock" Fence badly

Time to start locking up the love.
Montreal Needs A "Love Lock" Fence badly

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Love locks, the tradition of immortalizing a moment of mutual adoration by etching initials into a padlock then attaching it to a public fixture, is an international trend seen in over 45 nations, including Canada, yet none exist in Montreal, as far as we're aware. That's a lot of love lost, and Montreal needs to make up for up for it by making love locks a city-wide practice ASAP.

For over a century (according to Wikipedia) love locks have been used to symbolize the unbreakable love held between two people, and show it off to the world. Typically, the locks are attached to an iconic landmark, which has caused controversy and safety issues in the past, but we're willing to ignore all that in favour of a tradition that is all about showing the love.

We don't know why Montreal has yet to adopt the adorable practice of love locks, which seems strange, because Montreal and love locks are a perfect fit. Not only do Montrealers have a very loving attitude (at least towards each other), but the city already has a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to random works of public art (like graffiti) so it seems unlikely that love locks would be deemed 'vandalism' as they have in other cities.

Now, the only question that remains is where should Montrealers begin locking up their love? Our suggestions include the running/biking path by the railroad tracks parallel to Rue des Carrières (map), attached to the vacant wall right by St. Laurent metro (with a fence added) or somewhere on one of the Quais in the Old Port. Of course, if you have a better suggestion, feel free to drop it in a comment. We don't care where Montreal's love locks are set up, s'long as they actually appear in the city.

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