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Montreal Needs A "Mobile Farmer's Market" Badly

A new kind of food truck that should be on the city's streets.
Montreal Needs A "Mobile Farmer's Market" Badly

Photo cred - MyModernMet

Food trucks are fine and fun, though when the next street food season rolls around next year, Montreal could take a note from Toronto. Don't cry heretic just yet, because lame ol' TO actually has a pretty sweet street food initiative, the Mobile Food Market, which would benefit Montreal to adopt.

Re-converting an old Toronto streetcar, Toronto-based architectural firm (LGA Architectural Partners) along with the City of Toronto and two charity organizations (United Way & FoodShare Toronto) created a fully-fledged food market that can appear anywhere in the city. Think Jean-Talon market, but with wheels.

The Mobile Food Market was designed to offer healthy food options and fresh produce to areas of the city without many gustatory options, otherwise known as "food deserts." Montreal may be known for its booming food scene, but certain boroughs are not as lucky as others when it comes to food options and markets, making the Mobile Food Market idea very viable in our fair city.

To ensure the offered produce and food stuffs remain affordable for all citizens, everything in the Mobile Food Truck is priced only 20% more than market price, which is only done to cover the cost of operations.

Montreal has some solid stationary farmers markets and grocery stores, but none that have a charitable focus and can freely move to boroughs that are in need of an injection of healthy produce. Toronto may have started this trend, but Montreal can surely follow suit, throwing some unique city-flair in the mix, because we can't copy TO entirely, of course. Take a look at what could be on Montreal's streets below.

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